About Us

Helping you simplify regulatory complexity.

We provide accurate, clean, vetted, daily regulatory data from US regulators that is enriched by regulatory experts and delivered in the most flexible format available. We can save your team from sifting through complex and confusing regulatory announcements, saving time and cutting costs. Over 100 companies, including all of the top financial institutions, 7 major industry utilities and 4 of the major financial regulators have beta tested our first tool, RegAlytics / US Alerts™

Our tool provides DAILY updates from 1300+ US financial regulators via email or FTP. We use proprietary technology to gather and structure regulatory data, which our regulatory experts further enrich.

US Alerts can be managed by individuals or directly ingested by GRC solutions. Other products and services contain excess data from irrelevant news to duplicate alerts. Our regulatory experts cull US/Alerts data for the precise information your teams need.