By Atif Noor

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

What if it didn’t have to be hard, stressful, painstaking and time consuming to keep up with financial regulatory updates?

What if you could eliminate the stress and anxiety related to staying up to date on new regulation, and replace it with confidence and complete awareness of critical regulatory intelligence related to your business?

What if this was cost effective and easy to implement into your existing processes? 

Well, this is no fantasy.

In fact, that is what we promise to provide our users at RegAlytics; the ability to confidently and calmly get ahead and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

It is becoming close to impossible for humans, no matter the size of the team, to hunt down and gather regulatory data across disparate and often difficult to access data sources.

The financial regulatory environment is becoming more convoluted and complicated than ever, and financial institutions are struggling to keep up. 

Banks, BDs, RIAs, and financial technology firms use compliance officers, in-house counsel and regulatory consultants to handle this cumbersome process of data extraction, analysis, cleaning and relevancy mapping.

This inefficient process costs firms a significant amount of money, makes lawyers and compliance professionals hate their jobs (because intelligent people naturally dislike doing boring and repetitive tasks that machines can do), and is prone to human error. 

By making use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, RegAlytics is able to extract, compile, and analyze vast reams of regulatory data from over 1300 U.S. financial and insurance regulators to help clients confidently navigate their way around endless legislation while continuously remaining compliant. 

Firms that fail to leverage technology and respond to regulatory change with agility and flexibility will put themselves at unnecessary risk that could easily be mitigated by taking pre-emptive action. Covid-19 has accelerated the trends in digital banking and digital regulatory change management that make RegTech more imperative than ever. 

Now, the time is right for the financial world to enjoy a more efficient way to stay ahead of regulatory changes. Our users love the simplicity, comprehensiveness and ease of use our tool provides, and we continuously improve our user experience so making smart regulatory and compliance decisions is easy.

If this is something you’re interested in, we’d love for you to give RegAlytics a shot. Visit our homepage to sign up for a free trial. A better way to stay in compliance is waiting for you. 


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