What is RegAlytics / US Alerts ™?

RegAlytics / US Alerts ™ provides daily US regulatory updates in a clean, vetted format. We use proprietary technology to gather and structure regulatory data, and then enrich data with knowledge from our regulatory experts.

Who is RegAlytics / US Alerts ™ for?

Our product provides daily updates from 3000+  financial services and insurance regulators. Whether you’re a tier 1 bank or a one-person shop, staying on top of updates is essential to being competitive.

What differentiates RegAlytics / US Alerts ™ from other regulatory products?

Our technology draws straight from regulator releases to provide the most up to date information. Our structured data feed provides an itemized list of all regulatory updates posted the prior day, in a format that is easily searchable and intuitive. You can find what’s important to you quickly, while filtering out what isn’t relevant. As a result of our formatting and enhancements, the data can be easily ingested by your GRC program.

When will I receive updates?

Data is gathered, processed, and distributed daily. You should expect your US Alerts daily update at around 6:00 AM EST. You can also log into your dashboard at any time to view any new updates and search historical data.

What regulators does RegAlytics / US Alerts ™ cover?

The product covers over 3000+ financial and insurance regulators from across the United States. Our proprietary technology monitors federal regulators, state regulators, and the Self-Regulatory Organizations (“SROs”) where permitted.

How is RegAlytics providing these regulator updates?

Our cutting-edge technology brings in data on any new announcements, updates, and regulations and breaks them down into relevant data points. Next, our proprietary AI process cleans, sorts, and enhances the data. Finally, the data is examined by our experts to ensure you are receiving the most reliable, timely updates available.

Is there an organization to the data and if so, how is it organized?

RegAlytics / US Alerts ™ provides about two dozen data points for each alert.  These include basic fields such as “Agency” and “Original Publication Date” and more sophisticated fields like “Status” (“New” or “Updated” when a change has been made to a previously released alert), “Proposed Rule Comments Due Date,” and “Summary.”  Over the coming months we expect to add additional relevant data points about each alert.

What if there’s something that I’d like to see on my daily RegAlytics email and it’s currently not there?

 We’re always open to hearing your feedback! Email us at Help@RegAlytics.ai

Can I get RegAlytics in a different format?

At the moment, RegAlytics is being offered as an Excel file made available through an email attachment or FTP. If there is a specific format you’d like to receive, please let us know at Help@RegAlytics.ai

Can I forward RegAlytics US Alerts to others?

Please contact us at Help@RegAlytics.ai to obtain prior written permission before you copy, distribute, publish, transmit, reuse, repost, or modify the content, in whole or in part.

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