We're Passionate About Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

At RegAlytics, we have amassed a team of risk, compliance, and banking professionals, and combined them with the best tech minds in the financial industry, to establish a unique and unrivaled team in the FinTech and RegTech space.

The founding team

With significant business and industry experience, this team is skillfully maintaining our company's position as the leading provider of RegTech and complex regulatory compliance solutions.


Mary Kopczynski, CEO
Mary Kopczynski, our fearless leader, is recognized as one of the leading financial regulatory crisis gurus, having advised some of the world’s largest global investment banks in regulatory change management.

Aaron is a dynamic financial industry expert with a track record of delivering remarkable value in strategy and implementation. He has experience tackling some of the most complex challenges in the financial services industry.  He has extensive expertise in recovery and resolution planning, market / credit / liquidity risk, reference data, and program management.  He is an adjunct lecturer and frequent panelist on business strategy, entrepreneurship, FinTech, and consulting.​

Aaron Heisler, COO
Aaron Heisler is a dynamic financial industry veteran with a reputation for delivering exceptional value in strategy and implementation.

Alexander is a NY-barred attorney with an accounting background and extensive experience with structured reference data at Tier I financial institutions. He has subject matter expertise in global margin regulation, mortgage products and data privacy. He enjoys teaching himself Python, HTML, and Java.​

Alexander Appugliese, Product Manager
Alexander manages client relations at executive levels while leading legal and financial subject matter experts to deliver mission-critical projects that ensure compliance with banking and securities regulations.

Werner is a product manager with a background in financial services and technology at Tier 1 banks. He has hands-on experience in the integration of complex algorithms, scraping tools, and relational databases, and he also has extensive subject matter expertise in Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), Treasury Due Diligence, and Governance Frameworks.​

Werner Pauliks, Product Manager
Werner has significant experience within the banking industry and currently manages the product roadmap and development of RegAlytics.

Looking for a new challenge?

RegAlytics is on the lookout for smart and savvy people to join our company. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of our team, let us know!

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